Pepi TaveiraFrank Carlberg

"I have known Pepi Taveira for over 30 years.
We first met in Boston, MA and have since worked together many times performing in the US and in Argentina in concert halls, at festivals and in clubs.
Pepi is an exceptional drummer! He is a creative musician with a personal viewpoint and plays jazz and African inspired music with the highest level of authenticity!
Pepi is also highly intelligent, very articulate and willing and able to share his experience and knowledge effortlessly. I have witnessed this myself numerous times."

Frank Carlberg
Jazz Pianist, Composer
Faculty, New England Conservatory

Pepi TaveiraHal Crook

"We first met at Berklee College of Music, when I selected Pepi to play drums in my best jazz ensembles and classes, alongside other great student players, like Danilo Perez, Roy Hargrove and Geoff Keezer.
Pepi has always been one of my favorite players to listen to, and to work with.
His musicianship is beyond category in all styles of music, as is his work ethic and his standard of personal conduct. He is a true team player, and in my opinion, he would be an important “no maintenance” asset as an instructor and player to any musical organization he decides to work for."

Hal Crook
Professor Emeritus, Berklee College of Music

Pepi TaveiraGeorge Garzone

"I consider José to be a very strong musician and teacher.
We have played numerous times together and I consider him to be a very strong candidate for any teaching position that he may apply for.
I would like to give him a very high recommendation at this time."

George Garzone
Professor, Berklee College of Music
Undergraduate and Global Masters Program.